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AGL is trying to hide their climate pollution behind the West Coast Eagles.

AGL’s hopes that by plastering their logo all over some footy players’ shorts, you won’t notice that they’re cooking our climate.

AGL is trying to hide their climate pollution behind the West Coast Eagles.

AGL is Australia’s biggest climate polluter. Instead of taking real action on climate change, AGL is trying to hide their climate pollution behind sports sponsorships. 

Coal is the biggest driver of the climate crisis and 83% of AGL's electricity comes from burning dirty, climate polluting coal. There is nothing AGL won’t try and hide their coal behind, including the West Coast Eagles. Their logo is plastered on the players’ shorts and on the stands of the Optus Stadium. But what this expensive branding deal can’t cover is the reality that AGL cannot kick its coal obsession.

This is just one of the many ways AGL uses marketing tactics try and hide their climate pollution, with the marketing materials spruiking misleading messaging about their ‘green credentials’ while they continue to burn coal and risk our shared future. 

Try as they might through sportswashing or greenwashing, AGL’s climate pollution is simply too big to hide.

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AGL's dodgy demerger

Sports sponsorshIps aren't the only way AGL tries to hide their climate pollution. AGL is now trying to split its company in two so that it can hide its coal burning power stations behind a new company Accel. 

It’s a dodgy corporate accounting trick that means AGL could pretend to be ‘green’ while still burning coal until 2045, well beyond the deadline scientists agree we must stop burning coal to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change.

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The high price of AGL's actions

Burning coal is the dirtiest and most destructive way to generate electricity. 

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A greener future

It is not a question of if, but when, Australia will be powered entirely by renewables.

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